Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bafoon & Babu's Historic Gaming Session

Today Sir Kaka Babu and Malik Fuck Bafoon Ali Khan decided to have a zombie killing gaming session. Both of them were playing this particular mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops for about two weeks. By each passing day, they were getting more lethal and efficient at killing those Zom-Bitches!

As this zombie mode was really new to both the friends, they were in search of some kind of a strategy guide. The help came from the internet where a lot of people had posted game footage and different strategies to tackle those undead slime balls!

Armed with knowledge and encouragement from the online community, Sir Kaka Babu and Bafoon embarked on an epic journey which they hoped would take them to great heights and untold riches (in the zombie mode of course). Alas, their hope and high optimism were short lived. Both friends soon found that it is easy to look at some gameplay footage and think that one can do the same without much effort. The actual "doing" part turned out to be a lot harder than they thought. They failed miserably and consistently got their asses whooped by those undead maggot addicts. So abrupt and harsh a reality check they got that abandoning the game altogether started to seem like an attractive idea.

Just when it seemed that the duo would not get out of this dark hole of despair and disappointment, Sir Kaka Babu gathered all the will power he could and made an iron resolve to succeed at zombies. Getting Bafoon to show the same amount of commitment was no easy task but after a lot of rambling/cursing and intimidation, Der Babu was triumphant!

Now with this new found enthusiasm, the friends began their journey anew.

With the sound of marching band.....they marched!
With the thought of honour and glory..they marched!

Without faltering the boys slaughtered wave after wave of those god-damn Zom-Bitches. Soon the whole map was covered with streams of zombie blood and heaps of corpses. This merciless slaughter continued for another hour, the boys by now had reached a level which was previously unthinkable. Finally, they were in a position that they could buy all the equipment/perks and explore all the territories they wanted. They were riding on the tide of triumph whose counterpart could not be found. Honour and glory, sense of accomplishment were all around them. The dual was just absolutely ecstatic!

Their honour was restored!

Then like everything else, their journey had to come to an end. Together, side by side, they went down fighting and embarked on a new journey in their virtual afterlives.

This epic tale of perseverance and triumph would be remembered for all eternity! 

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